It's Word Girl's March-Enemies Week!

Everyone’s favorite vocabulary-slinging super hero squares off against a cavalcade of evil-doers in Word Girl: March-Enemy Week!  Starting Tuesday, March 12 at 1pm, WPT has four brand-new Word Girl episodes featuring some of her most nefarious foes: Chuck the Evil Sandwich-Making Guy, Birthday Girl, Tobey the Butcher, Granny Mae, The Energy Monster, and, of course, Dr. Two Brains.  Check out the full schedule here.

Word Girl is a super hero with a super vocabulary.  Why not quiz your kids after each episode about some of the new words they’ll learn?  Word up!

Tuesday, March 12
PLAIN OLD MISCHIEF MAKERS - Vocabulary Words: Diminish, Declare
“HOUSE ARREST” - Vocabulary Words: Release, Rowdy

Wednesday, March 13
- Vocabulary Words: Recall, Zeal
“SAY IT AGAIN, EILEEN” - Vocabulary Words: Stymie, Guidance

Thursday, March 14
“DAY AT THE MUSEUM” - Vocabulary Words: Rumor, Deadline
“BEST FAN CLUB MEETING EVER” - Vocabulary Words: Divulge, Eavesdrop

Monday, March 18
“WHO’S YOUR GRANNY?” -  Vocabulary Words: Interact, Contraption
“WIN A DAY WITH WORDGIRL” - Vocabulary Words: Encounter, Squabble

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