Finding Kid-Friendly Food

Everyone has their own definition of "good food" and kids can often be some of the most narrow in their definition. While it's challenging to get kids to explore new foods, it's a worthwhile endeavour that will help develop lifelong healthy eating habits.

As "Kitchen Experts" contributor Alice Currah puts it, "For some parents preparing meals for kids has become a dumb-downed process catering to children’s palates ... For others it means more of a simplified approach in food preparation such as plain pasta with butter, grilled chicken with rice, or rearranging the way food is plated to look more appealing and appetizing." Whatever your approach and whatever your child's preferences, the "Kitchen Explorers" page offers great ideas to inject variety in your meal planning. Check out the Spaghetti & Meatballs recipe here:

Or browse all their menu suggestions here:

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