Beyond the Screen: Extending the Learning

Wisconsin Public Television wants kids to engage with our children's programming, and you can help them do that by using the Learning Triangle. The three points of the triangle are View, Do, and Read: View a short episode, Do an activity related to that episode, then Read a book to reinforce the lessons. 

For example, watch an episode of The Cat in the Hat about animal camouflage, then head out for a walk in your neighborhood and see how animals might be hiding in plain sight!  Use the PBS Parents Bookfinder to find an age appropriate book to extend the learning.  If a neighborhood walk isn't an option, PBS Kids offers hundreds of activity suggestions.  Or you can print out coloring sheets, mazes, and other activity pages here!

Watching PBS Kids programming is just the tip of the iceberg, and we're so excited to keep sharing all the ways you can extend the learning throughout the day!

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What is the
Learning Triangle? 

Use this simple three-step process at home or in an educational setting.

View: TV

Use the magic of Wisconsin PBS Kids to spark your child's sense of curiosity and love of learning.

Do: Activities

Transform educational ideas into concrete, hands-on experiences for children.

Read: Books

Make connections between what you view and what you read.


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