Wisconsin Bookworms

Wisconsin Bookworms

Reading with children is one of the most important things that parents, teachers, care providers, and community members can do to help kids develop a love of books and become successful readers. However, not all children in Wisconsin have equal access to books.

Wisconsin Bookworms™ puts books into the hands of young children that might not otherwise have access to books. Each year, more than 40,000 high-quality books are distributed across the state. Eight times a year, volunteers go into preschool classrooms to share their love of books by reading aloud to students and to complete an activity related to the book. Don’t miss the 2017-2018 reading list below!

The Wisconsin Bookworms™ project is a collaboration of the Wisconsin Association for Home and Community Education, University of Wisconsin-Extension Family Living Programs, and Wisconsin Public Television Education.

For questions regarding Wisconsin Bookworms™, contact Kristin Leglar. 608-256-8071 | kristin.leglar@wpt.org

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2017-2018 Wisconsin Bookworms™ Program Reading List

Turtle Splash! Countdown at the Pond by Cathryn Falwell
Turtle Splash! Countdown at the Pond is a counting book and nature tale that begins with "Ten timid turtles, lounging in a line." These Eastern Painted Turtles (identified at story's end), decrease in number with each turn of the page. Various creatures send them scuttling off their log for cover. Clues are tucked into the pages, identifying the next offender, encouraging young readers to make predictions. Collages of papers, birch bark and leaf prints make every spread come alive.

What Will the Weather Be Like Today? by Paul Rogers
What Will the Weather Be Like Today? begins and ends with a journey through all four seasons with particular attention to the climate and its different occurrences. Animals and humans discuss, in rhyming verse, the possibilities of the day's weather. This book focuses on a variety of different ecosystems, including deserts, forests, grasslands, wetlands, oceans, and arctic tundras and the weather that makes each system unique. The illustrations that are done in a paper collage style.

Bear and Duck by Katy Hudson
Bear and Duck is a story of friendship and acceptance, distinguished by humorous and affectionate illustrations. Bear longs to be a duck but discovers he’s better at being a bear. Young readers will soon realize that the problem isn’t that Bear is the wrong kind of animal — he just needs a friend. The watercolor and ink artwork and the narrative voice will engage young readers from the start.

The Biggest Snowman Ever by Steven Kroll
Two little mice learn a big lesson about working together when they join forces to create The Biggest Snowman Ever in this wonderful winter story. This book centers around the idea of teamwork. It includes repetitive text and whimsical illustrations.

Mi Gato, Mi Perro / My Cat, My Dog by Katrina Streza
A child compares pets in this silly look at cats and dogs. Simple sentences and whimsical illustrations are ideal for young readers. In this bilingual English-Spanish children's book, the English text is just below the Spanish for easy comprehension.

Polar Bears by Kate Riggs
Polar Bears is an introduction to polar bears, covering their growth process, behaviors, their Arctic home, and defining features. It is filled with dynamic photographs and this book includes a glossary too. As introduction to informational text, Polar Bears will plant the seeds of knowledge!

The Shape of Things by Dayle Ann Dodds
The Shape of Things is an introduction to the concept that shapes make up the world around us. Simple rhymes and bold illustrations help young readers learn to see and, eventually, to draw the world around them. The circle on the text page becomes a Ferris wheel, two triangles a boat, a group of rectangles a train. The book ends with a wonderful double-page landscape full of surprises — and shapes — for children to find. Potato-cut prints of shapes add a childlike touch to the cut-paper collage illustrations. After reading this picture book, curious kids will begin to see shapes everywhere in the world around them.

You Are Special, Daniel Tiger! by Angela C. Santomero
You Are Special, Daniel Tiger! helps children appreciate their uniqueness — and the uniqueness of others. Daniel’s school is putting on a show, and everyone is performing their special talents: Daniel sings, Katerina dances, Prince Wednesday does magic tricks, and Miss Elaina puts on a puppet show. But what makes O the Owl special? Daniel helps O realize that he is special in his own way. You Are Special, Daniel Tiger! is inspired by the classic series, Mister Rodgers’ Neighborhood.