My Father, My Brother, and Me

FRONTLINE | A Film on Parkison's Disease

In 2004, journalist Dave Iverson received the same news that had been delivered to his father and older brother years earlier: He had Parkinson's disease, a degenerative neurological disorder that affects about 1 million Americans. In a FRONTLINEand ITVS joint production, Iverson sets off on a personal journey to explore the scientific, ethical and political debate that surrounds Parkinson's, a disease at the center of the ongoing controversy over embryonic stem cell research.

Iverson talks to scientists on the cutting edge of new cures and therapies for Parkinson's, as well as a number of other major neurological conditions. And he has intimate conversations with fellow Parkinson's sufferers like actor Michael J. Fox and writer Michael Kinsley.

Wisconsin Connection

In November 2008, the Wisconsin Alumni Association and WPT hosted producer David Iverson and Dr. Clive Svendsen for two special preview screenings and discussions of My Father, My Brother, and Me. Iverson discussed his work on the FRONTLINE project and Dr. Svendsen discussed the latest neurological research affecting the disease. Nearly 400 people in total gathered for the screenings, which took place in Green Bay and Madison.

About the Producer

David Iverson has been an executive producer and anchor of national, regional and local specials for public broadcasting for 30 years. He was based in Wisconsin for 20 years, hosting weekly programs and specials for Wisconsin Public Television, including the Midwest Emmy award-winning WeekEnd and We the People. Iverson lives and works in San Francisco.

NPR Radio Segments

Parkinson's Disease: A Family History

Parkinson's disease is part of journalist Dave Iverson's personal history: His father had it, his brother has it and he has it.

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Read a transcript of the chat with Iverson

After the broadcast on Feb. 4, correspondent Iverson led a live, online chat about the program and the issues it raises about Parkinsons disease.

Read about the Latest Results

Read about the latest results from University of Wisconsin-Madison professor Dr. Clive Svendsen's stem cell research.