Neural Regeneration: From Plasticity to Parkinson's - Ep....

Clive Svendsen, Professor, Anatomy and Neurology, UW Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Center

Clive Svendsen discusses the neurological disease called Parkinson's Disease, stem cells and how they may be used in transplantation therapies. He also talks about some of the therapies that are being thought about using stem cells.

Conflict of Interest: When Faculty Start Their Own...

Brian Fox, Chair UW-Madison Conflict of Interest Committee Kathy Irwin, UW Legal Counsel Nick Abbott, UW Faculty entrepreneur Jim Dahlberg,UW Faculty entrepreneur Laura Heisler, WARF Intellectual Property Manager Fox, Irwin, Abbott and Dahlberg, discuss faculties starting their own company. They give an inside look through their personal experiences in dealing with this conflict of interest....

How Does A Thing Like That Work - Ep. 130

David Willey, Professor, Department of Physics, University of Pittsburgh

Watch David Willey, a professor at the University of Pitsburgh, as he explores the laws of physics, including Newton's Three Laws, through many fun demonstrations and experiments.

New Forms, Big Ideas - Ep. 144

J. Morgan Puett, Project Artist, Department of Art, UW-Madison

J. Morgan Puett discusses an interest in fashion, the arts, and the current project being developed.

Drawing Attention to Nanotechnology - Ep. 129

Michael Lynch, Professor, Director of Graduate Studies in Science & Technology Studies, Cornell University

Michael Lynch explores the history of nanotechnology before discussing his own work with visualization, electron microscopy, and his research project.

Prevention and Early Treatment Strategies for Type 1...

Brandon Nathan, M, Pediatric Endocrinologist, University of Minnesota

Brandon Nathan speaks about the clinical work being done that the University of Minnesota, studies nationwide, and international research regarding the prevention and early treatment strategies for type 1 Diabetes.

Shapely Bacteria: Slender Cells with Lovely Curves - Ep. 117

Doug Weibel, Assistant Professor, Department of Biochemistry, UW-Madison

Learn about bacteria cell shape, why it's important, and the technique for controlling it as Doug Weibel lectures about his passions: biology, chemistry, and physics. He gives a brief background before getting into the research he has done and the techniques used to control the movements and shapes of bacteria.

We Conserve - Ep. 116

Faramarz Vakili, Associate Director of UW-Madison Physcial Plant

Faramarz Vakili sheds light on the energy consumption of UW-Madison's facilities and explains the plans for reducing expenses. As standards and expectations in crease, so does the cost of electricity and water. Listen to the statistics about energy spending and what the future holds for lowering the overall costs.

Adoption and the Adoption Triad - Ep. 148

Catherine Swessel, MSW, LCSW, Director of Foster Care and Adoption Services at Children's Service Society of Wisconsin

The Children's Service Society of Wisconsin is a licensed foster care and adoption agency. Catherine Swessel talks about the different kinds of adoption while focusing on domestic infant adoption, and discusses the process in which one would go through.

The Evaluation and Treatment of Scoliosis - Ep. 147

James J. McCarthy, MD, Faculty, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health

Dr. James J. McCarthy talks about the evaluation and treatment of scoliosis. He discusses the anatomy, etiology, what goes on during a physical exam, radiographic exam, the demographics, non-surgical treatments, surgical treatments, the new ideas and new ways scoliosis is being treated.


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