The Wisconsin Master Naturalist Program

Becky Sapper, Director of the Wisconsin Master Naturalist Program at UW-Extension, explains how to become a volunteer for the Wisconsin Master Naturalist Program and discusses the requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to be certified.

Women Who Dare

Sarah Meredith Livingston, Associate Professor in the School of Music at UW-Green Bay, and Jiebing Chen, Erhu Virtuoso, celebrate the lives of five performing artist: Hildegard von Bingen, Clara Schumann, Antonia Brico, Isadora Duncan and Billie Holiday. Chen performs on the erhu and shares the story of her immigration to the United States from China.

Calving Issues on Pasture

Abagail Beaver and Ed Metcalf, Doctors of Veterinary Medicine at the Leading Edge Veterinary Services, Hayward, discuss concerns that arise when a cow gives birth out in the pasture instead of in a barn. Because the cow has a natural tendency to calf far away from everything, the ability to access the cow and calf can also lead to other problems.

How to Talk About GMOs

Kim Bremmer, Owner of Ag Inspirations, addresses ways to share information about genetically modified organisms (GMOs) with the public. Bremmer explains there are currently only eight genetically modified organisms: corn, soybeans, alfalfa, cotton, canola, sugar beets, papaya and squash.

Soil Health, Microbiology and Grazing

Justin Morris, Soil Health Specialist with the Natural Resources Conservation Service, explains how to manage the soil ecosystem to provide healthier, more nutritious forage for livestock.

Furbearers and Forest Wildlife

John Olson, Furbearer Biologist at the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, displays the pelts of fur bearing animals that live in semi-aquatic, wetland and forest environments. Olson discusses the animals’ habits and habitats.

Preparing For the Upcoming Bumpy Ride in Ag

Kevin Bernhardt, Farm Management Specialist at UW-Extension, compares and contrasts the agricultural economy with the general economy. Bernhardt describes the cyclical aspects of the economy and discusses what farmers can do to minimize the impact during economic downturns.

The Well-Being of the Caregiver

Kristin Litzelman, Integrated Specialist in Human Development and Family Studies at UW-Extension, defines the work of informal caregivers, discusses why caregiving is important and shares results of her research of spousal support of cancer survivors.

Project BudBurst

Caleb Slemmons, Field Technician at NEON, Inc., presents information about an ongoing project led by the National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON) and the Chicago Botanical Garden where groups and individuals have been collecting data about seasonal changes in plants since 2007.

Bats of Wisconsin

John P. White, Conservation Biologist at the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, discusses the threat of extinction facing bats that hibernate in caves and mines in Wisconsin. White suggests ways citizen scientists can help to monitor and protect the health of the bats.


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