Cover Crops, Forages and Grazing

Kimberly Cassida, Forage Extension Specialist at Michigan State University, discusses how to use cover crops as forage crops for animals, worms and insects. Cassida provides a list of plants that traditionally were used as forages which now are being used as cover crops.

Ye Olde Pub: England’s Early Drinking Houses

Caroline Boswell, Associate Professor of History at UW-Green Bay, delves into the medieval and early modern history of the English public houses. Boswell discusses the cultural, social and political nature of the drinking establishments sometimes referred to as “dens of iniquity.”

The United States and the Great War

David Krugler, Professor of History at UW-Platteville, provides an overview of World War I including: the causes of the war, the reluctance of the United States to join the fighting, the major battles and the peace settlement.

Farm Safety Assessment

Laura Daniels, General Manager at Heartwood Farm, Cobb, WI, John Quirk, Director of Marketing at Rural Mutual Insurance, and Cathy Mess, Dairy Farmer from Milford, WI, discuss ways to make farming safer. Daniels focuses on farm traditions which should be changed, Quirk shares stories of accidents that have occurred and Mess talks about her losses due to a farming accident.

Charles Van Hise's Field Notebooks

Carol McCartney, Outreach Manager at the Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey, focuses on the geological research of the Lake Superior region conducted by Charles Van Hise. McCartney discusses Van Hise’s work, shows samples of rocks and maps, and shares data from his approximately 450 field notebooks. In 2011, Van Hise’s field notebooks were scanned into the UW Digital Collection.

Good Handling Skills and Dairy Cow Comfort

Katy Proudfoot, Assistant Professor of Veterinary Medicine at The Ohio State University, addresses ways to identify and measure the level of comfort in a dairy cow. Proudfoot identifies risk factors and offers suggestions for creating an environment that provides optimal comfort.

The Tragic Corruption of America’s Founding Values

Lucy Arendt, Associate Dean of the College of Professional Studies at UW-Green Bay, focuses on the values of modern organizations through the filter of the rights put forth by the founding fathers in the Constitution. Arendt reflects on the role the organization plays in society.

Partnership to Protect Wisconsin’s Lakes

Eric Olson, Director and Lake Specialist at UW-Extension Lakes, explores the Wisconsin Lakes Partnership between private landowners and the state. The partnership manages the thousands of inland lakes in Wisconsin using this community-based strategy. Olson discusses the current and long term issues that the lakes are facing.

Lake Health 101

Patrick “Buzz” Sorge, Lake Planner at the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, discusses factors that impact the health of lakes of Wisconsin. Sorge focuses on an increase in flooding, blue-green algae blooms, and changes in water levels and temperature.

Ten Common Landscape Mistakes

Jeff Moyer, Owner of Moyer's Inc., explores ten of the most common mistakes people make when creating their landscaping and offers solutions to the problems. Moyer recommends focusing on the big picture, taking the topography of the site into account, and connecting the indoors to the outdoors.


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