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The PBS Black Culture Connection is your resource and guide to films, stories and voices across public television centered on black history and culture.

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Veterinarian Brings World View to Wisconsin Dairy

Mamadou Diallo grew up tending cattle in the West African country of Mali. Today he is a staff veterinarian at a large Dane County dairy. The deep knowledge that comes from his cultural roots combined with formal veterinary training gives Mamadou a unique perspective on animal care and on life in his new home in America’s Dairyland.

Living the Wisconsin Life: Althea Miller

Social justice mentor and spoken word artist Althea Miller is dedicated to her work, but says she is just as dedicated to doing this work in Wisconsin, empowering other women of color and empowering the broader Wisconsin community to be better. In this clip, Miller performs her original poem, “We Be.”

Milwaukee Gymnast

Marvin Kimble’s travels as an elite gymnast and current member of the United States National Team have taken him far from his home in inner-city Milwaukee. And unconditional support from his dedicated mother has allowed Marvin to grow from a troubled beginner to a disciplined competitor, poising him for a shot at the Olympics.


Vel Phillips: Dream Big Dreams

Wisconsin Public Television tells the story of civil rights leader Vel Phillips. Discover how Vel Phillips achieved an impressive list of "firsts" as part of her legacy, including the first African American judge in Wisconsin and the first woman, and African American, in the nation elected to executive office in state government.

City Within A City: When Pretty Soon Runs Out

In 1968 the inner core of Milwaukee, home to thousands of low-income families, was being torn up for urban renewal projects. This documentary explores the stories and lives of low-income families impacted by that development.

Black Folk Don't...

Black Folk Don’t... is an open conversation that invites everyone to take a second look at the grey areas between us all, no matter the race, and most importantly to do it with a sense of humor.


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