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Wisconsin Magazine of History Archives

Articles about Marathon County

History of Marathon County, Wisconsin and Representative Citizens.

Commemorative biographical record of the upper Wisconsin counties
For Waupaca, Portage, Wood, Marathon, Lincoln, Oneida, Vilas, Langlade and Shawano: containing biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens, and of many of the early settled families.

Indian Nomenclature, and the Chippewas by Hiram Calkins, Esq., of Wausau (1854). 
In the author's words: "I will now proceed to give a list of the Chippewa names, with their significations, of the tributary streams fo the wisconsin river ... " The latter part of this chapter briefly describes Ojibwe traditions relating to band structure, leadership ranks and hutning.

History of Marathon County, Wisconsin and Representative Citizens
Chapter XXIV: This chapter discusses the naming of Wausau and how it was divided.

Articles about Wausau

The City of Wausau
As it Was as a village from 1861 to 1872-Its Officers-historical events-the flood of 186-fires--wausau fire comopany No. 1-Music Hall-Dramatic Clubs-The social life.

White Pine and Water Power

The Treaty of the Cedars
The 1836 "Treaty of the Cedars" in which the Menominee tribe gave up land on either side of the Wisconsin River, including present day Wausau.

Map of Menominee land cessions

"Pioneers of the Pinery" by Malcolm Roscholt.
This includes a chapter called "The Saga of George Stevens," the first settler in Wausau.

"Lumber rafting on the Wisconsin River" by W. H. Glover

Lumber Rafting: A Digital Resource

"The Pine Lumberjacks in Wisconsin," by Ruth Stoveken


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