A Weeping Garden

A Weeping Garden

Part of Ep. 901 Personal Spaces, Public Spaces

Gary Vincent of Oneida gives a tour of the hostas, dwarf conifers, and other rare plants in his garden.

Premiere date: Mar 03, 2001

Wisc Gardener Transcript: 

My name is Gary Vincent. And my garden is located in Oneida, Wisconsin, which is a few miles west of Green Bay.

I plant a lot of hostas, because I was unable to grow grass as my garden became more shaded. Then, a lot of the other plants that I grow are plants that I just find interesting-- rare plants, dwarf conifers, weeping plants-- those are the things that really interest me.

The rarest, and probably my favorite plant in my whole garden, are any of the members of the Koreana family. They've recently been discovered in, I believe, North Korea. And I just love how unique they are.


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