Making a Whimsical Garden Statue

Making a Whimsical Garden Statue

Part of Ep. 1104 Garden Gifts

Create a whimiscal garden man out of pieces of wood.  Woodworker Mike Donnell of Merrimac shows us how from the Woodlanders Gathering in Mineral Point.

Premiere date: Nov 19, 2003

Wisc Gardener Transcript: 

Also teaching at the Woodlanders Gathering was woodworker Mike Donnell of Merrimac. Mike creates rustic furniture, birdhouses and folk art. We caught him in the midst of creating a whimsical garden man out of pieces of wood.

This guy, here, he's made entirely of a barn I was taking down. These are old barn beams. These are rafters. These were the beams, posts and beams. And then, I used barn pegs to put him together just like they did in the old days so that he can be disassembled. So, it's kind of a tribute to the old carpenters who made the barns and the old farmers who used them, because barns are disappearing fast. Another 20 years, there won't be hardly any left. So, I thought, as a tribute to these guys, I'd make something out of the barn. It gives it a purpose in life again. There's no limit, just your imagination. I mean, wherever your imagination takes you go there, what the heck, try it!

So, all I'm saying is look around your neighborhood find some nice looking sticks and give it a shot. You could develop your own style, don't try to copy me, or don't copy anyone else. Let it be your own style. It's really cheap therapy. I can't recommend it enough... Whoops! That wasn't the best joint.

The props are the fun part. Of course, ears, eyes, nose. You can buy these eyes at most any craft store. They come in lots of different sizes and different kinds. 'Cause there is no right and wrong. It's whatever you think it should be. That's going to be a head. Looks like Gumby. Watch, I'll show you an easy way to make an ear. A big walnut husk, just about the right size, too. Beautiful!

I think it's time to put him on his perch, here. So, I want each of you to go out and try something like that. Don't let anyone tell you how to do it do it yourself. Just whatever, it comes from the heart. It comes from within.

Oh, isn't he great?! Yes! Good job!

Simple as that. Thank you.


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