Purple Basil Vinegar


Purple Basil Vinegar

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Credit: Recipe from Diane Bober of Green Woman Herbs


1 cup loosely packed, purple basil leaves
2 cups white wine vinegar


Gently wash and dry sprigs of freshly harvested, purple basil leaves. Carefully strip enough leaves from the stems to make 1 cup. Place the leaves in a clean, sterilized jar and add 2 cups of white wine vinegar. Cover the jar tightly and allow to steep in a dark place at room temperature. Shake the jar every day and taste after a week. If the flavor isn't strong enough, let it stand for another 1 to 3 weeks, checking the flavor weekly. If an even stronger flavor is desired, repeat the steeping process with fresh herbs. When the flavor is just right, strain the vinegar, pour into a clean, sterilized bottle, cap tightly and label.


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