Jacked Up Bounce


Jacked Up Bounce

Part of Ep. 1603 Ep. 1603 - Bailey's Harbor

Credit: Caleb Whitney, Green Side Up



Go out and buy a new set of canning jars in any size. Make sure to get the correct lids, too. Sterilize the stuff according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Fill the jar with raw fruit. Sweeten and/or spice to taste. Fill the jar to the tippy top with at least 80-proof alcohol to act as the preservative. Apply the correct lid with "hand-tight" force. Leave in a cool, dark place for as long as you can stand it! The longer you leave your bounce alone the smoother it will taste. In fact if you can wait at least a year, there's no need to buy top-shelf liquor, which means you can afford to try more combinations! Great combinations: Pineapple (diced) and Spiced Rum Oranges (peel-on and diced), Vodka Apples (peeled and diced), maple syrup and Rum Rhubarb (diced), Gin Jalapeño peppers (halved), and Tequila Cranberries and Vodka Strawberries and Brandy.  Use your imagination! Serve these flavor bombs straight up, on the rocks, or blended into ice cream. Yum!


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