Basic Herbal Vinegar Infused With Garlic Mustard Roots


Basic Herbal Vinegar Infused With Garlic Mustard Roots

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Credit: Recipe reprinted from "Wild Plant Family Cookbook" with permission from Patricia K. Armstrong


Takes 5 minutes plus 6 weeks to prepare.

Glass or plastic jar of any size up to one quart/liter
Plastic lid for jar or waxed paper and a rubber band
Fresh garlic mustard roots
One quart/liter apple cider vinegar


Fill any size jar with fresh-cut garlic mustard roots. For best results and highest mineral content, be sure jar is well filled with your chosen herb, not just a few springs, and be sure to cut the herbs or roots into small pieces. Pour room-temperature apple cider vinegar into the jar until full. Cover jar with plastic screw-on lid, several layers of plastic or wax paper held on with a rubber band or a cork. Vinegar disintegrates metal lids. Label the jar with the name of the herb and the date, and store away from direct sunlight. It doesn't have to be in the dark. Be sure the place that isn't too hot or too cold. A kitchen cupboard is fine, but choose one that you open a lot so you remember to use your vinegar, which will be ready in six weeks.


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