TV Sponsorship

Reach out to the people of Wisconsin.




  • On-Air Visibility - Exposure for your :15 and :30 spots
  • Flexible Scheduling - Program, project, schedule, and event support throughout the year
  • Category Exclusivity
  • Digital Benefits - Display ads at which received over 5 million page views in 2013
  • Community and Member Engagement - Align with our 50,000 members, Friends of WPT board of directors, and community partners throughout Wisconsin
  • Special Events - Access to exclusive screening events, station tours, and production activities

    Copy Guidelines

    Your sponsorship message will be carefully crafted to suit your marketing and public relations needs while complying with the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) regulations applicable to non-commercial stations. Your message may include:

    • Business or organization name, location, phone number, and web address.
    • A description of the business or organization.
    • Trade names, products or services.
    • A corporate slogan.

    Your message may not include:

    • Language that is qualitative, comparative or promotional.
    • Calls to action.
    • Pricing information.
    • Encouragements to buy or sell.

    Wisconsin Public Television does not use pre-produced messages or music and will provide voice-over talent. All costs for underwriting credit production will be included in your quoted rates.

    Final approval of your message lies with WPT. A corporate development representative from WPT will assist you with all underwriting credit production elements and non-commercial broadcast regulations.