Sewing With Nancy Videos

Beginning Landscape Quilting Part One

Premiered: September 21, 2015

Learn landscape quilting using this simplistic approach and easy techniques. Nancy and her quilting mentor Natalie Sewell streamline the landscape quilting process using a beginner’s prospective. Learn to use inspirational photos, choose fabric, and master messy and fussy cutting techniques. Create trees easily with raw-edge appliqué techniques and give them dimension with fabric markers or oil pastels. Watch Part 2 and Part 3.

Nancy's Corner - Tatjana Hutnyak, The Makers Coalition

Premiered: September 14, 2015

The Makers Coalition, a non-profit organization, trains, rebuilds sewing skills, and creates jobs in industrial sewing production to help people enter the workforce and to keep jobs on-shore. Training is at Dunwoody College of Technology in Minnesota from 2–6 months, depending on whether it is part- or full-time. Job placement has been 90% plus, within a month of graduation.

Sew the Perfect T-Shirt Part Two

Premiered: September 14, 2015

Sew a classic tee dress with easy fitting, sewing, and designing techniques. Nancy and designer Pamela Leggett show how to apply sewing and fitting techniques from a T-shirt pattern to a wardrobe classic—a comfortable tee dress. Also learn tips for several neckline variations and hemming options ideal for dresses. Watch Part 1.

Nancy's Corner - Sara Myers, The Sewcial Lounge

Premiered: September 7, 2015

The Sewcial Lounge is a classroom where you get together in a small group for the sheer enjoyment of sewing and socializing. The focus is on people having fun and getting their projects done. Make a project, such as a simple tote bag or a zippered pouch, done in an afternoon of class.

Sew the Perfect T-Shirt Part One

Premiered: September 7, 2015

Add a designer touch to an easy-to-make T-shirt—fast and fun! Designer Pamela Leggett joins Nancy to share fitting techniques that flatter “real” figures and to show simple knit sewing tips for T-shirts. Pamela’s easy T-shirt pattern has a flattering style that gives options for the necklines that are featured. Watch Part 2.

Nancy's Corner - Ellie Gettinger, Stiching History

Premiered: August 31, 2015

A letter, eight dress designs, and a museum exhibit on the stitching history from the Holocaust honor the memory of Hedwig Strnad and her husband, Paul. Hedy’s clothing designs were made into patterns and then sewn for an exhibit at the Jewish Museum in Milwaukee, WI. The exhibit shares the legacy and life of a fashion designer in Prague, who tried to escape the onslaught of Nazi Germany in 1939.

Quick Stitch to Wear Again Part Two

Premiered: August 31, 2015

Nancy takes an easy and lighter approach to clothing repairs. Replace broken zippers, mend jeans, sew on buttons, and more with this unconventional approach to repairs. Nancy breaks all the traditional sewing rules with these easy clothing repair techniques. Zipper Remedy, Holes to Art, Lumberjack Patches, Too Much Cake Fix, and more. Watch Part One.

Nancy's Corner - Maggie Ball, Update on Mongolia

Premiered: August 24, 2015

Maggie Ball taught basic quilting and sewing skills to Mongolian women so that they could be self sufficient economically. They started with nothing but scraps ten years ago, but now create beautiful bags, art quilts, and more to sell in a center purchased with funds from a capital campaign hosted by Maggie’s church. Classes at the center now teach other Mongolian women to be self supporting.

Quick Stitch to Wear Again Part One

Premiered: August 24, 2015

Nancy highlights a simple, yet unconventional, approach to clothing repairs. Learn the Fool’em Jeans Hem, the No-Bump Jeans Hem, a Snug-Up the Waist Fix, and a Cover-up Zipper Fix. You’ll be surprised at these easy methods to do your own clothing repairs quickly! Watch Part 2.

Nancy's Corner - Rita Lara, Oneida Museum

Premiered: August 17, 2015

The Oneida tribe teaches their children how Native Americans can honor their heritage, preserve information, and create memories through the art of quilting. Learning about their culture through the quilting of symbols, and raised beading fosters a sense of pride and teaches them a set of skills that have preserved memories in the Oneida community and their clan for ages.

Nancy’s Favorite Handbag Sewing Techniques Part Two

Premiered: August 17, 2015

Learn Nancy’s secrets for making a designer handbag with panache. Add grommets and piping to a cinched tote, embroider monograms on faux leather, or create a continuous strap to hold a yoga mat or baby blanket. Nancy’s easy handbag techniques can be adapted for your favorite bag pattern.

Nancy's Corner - Carol Butzke, Quilt Judging

Premiered: August 10, 2015

Carol Butzke, an AQS certified quilting judge, explains that judges take much more than excellent workmanship in consideration when choosing a Best of Show quilt. Choice of fabric for the theme, creativity, style, and design are all important features. As you can imagine, judging is difficult and attention to every detail is necessary when choosing the very best quilt in a show.



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