Laurie Boivin Criticizes Indian Mascot Law

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Laurie Boivin Criticizes Indian Mascot Law

Premiere Date: 
February 14, 2014

She delivered the annual State of the Tribes address at the Capitol this week.


Episode Transcript: 

Frederica Freyberg:

The state capitol was the site this week for the annual State of the Tribes Address. Leaders and members from Wisconsin's 11 sovereign nations gathered to hear Menominee tribal chair woman, Laurie Boivin, cover topics including the economy, tribal health, and state/tribal relations. She also explained her concern over the new law that makes it harder to successfully remove Indian school mascots, logos and nicknames.

Laurie Boivin:

Our children should not be subjected to inaccurate representations of their cultural identity.

The tribes would like nothing more than to become a part of the solution. Let's educate the children of all Wisconsin school districts on all aspects that distinguish our nations. 

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