DHS Holds Town Hall Meetings On BadgerCare Changes

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DHS Holds Town Hall Meetings On BadgerCare Changes

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July 11, 2013

DHS held multiple town hall meetings this week on BadgerCare changes.


Episode Transcript: 

Frederica Freyberg:

Now to Milwaukee. Last week, we said we'd get coverage of the town hall meetings on BadgerCare Plus changes. Medicaid director Brett Davis answered questions Thursday at a well-attended Milwaukee meeting. Questions came from people like this mother of three who's been crunching the numbers and trying to figure out what the changes mean for her family.

Jessica Jaglowski:

It is a humbling experience to be on BadgerCare. It's not that we want a handout. We just want something feasible for us. And I don't feel like that's too much to ask. There are a lot of-- you know, most people who are working full-time have access to health care, but we don't in our situation. And it's just-- you know, we just-- we just need something to-- to get by. And so there are a lot of people-- there are a lot of people like us. There's people in small businesses, there’s farmers, lots of other people who have these situations and are stuck in the middle, and it's a very difficult life situation to just be getting by and to-- It feels like we're not being considered.  

Frederica Freyberg:

The town hall meetings have wrapped up, but DHS officials are taking written comments from the public until August 5. Comments can be submitted online, by email, regular mail or fax. For more information, visit our website at wpt.org/hereandnow. 

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