WPT Events

Connect with Wisconsin Public Televison at one of these upcoming events.

Monday, July 13
Take off work the afternoon of Monday, July 13 and enjoy some live music at Wisconsin Public Television.

The following three bands will join us to record live sets for the new season of 30 Minute Music Hour. For more information on the bands and music previews, visit our blog. Tickets are totally free; just send an email to to reserve your seats for one or all of the following shows:

1:15 p.m. concert
*Audience seated by 1 p.m.*

2:30 p.m. concert
*Audience seated by 2:15 p.m.*

4 p.m. concert
*Audience seated by 3:45 p.m.*

Friday, Aug. 7
Get Up and Go! Day highlights ways Wisconsin families can be active, enjoy the outdoors, and be healthy!
Thursday, Sept. 10 - Saturday, Sept. 12
Thanks for joining us for this year's Quilt Expo! Join us next year and be part of the ultimate quilting adventure in Madison!
Tuesday, Oct. 13 - Wednesday, Oct. 21
Discover the hidden treasures of the charming Tuscan countryside, visit Portofino and explore the colorful villages of the Cinque Terre.