Director's Cut Videos

Director's Cut Videos

Trevor Velin & Roger Pedretti - "Haulin' Ass"

Premiered: September 18, 2012

What’s the only sport indigenous to Colorado? Pack-burro racing. Competitors lead (not ride) their burro companions along mountainous paths. Follow Curtis Imrie, an old-time racer; Roger Pedrett, from Lacrosse, Wisconsin who carries the torch of a family legacy; and Hal Walter, a family man with a true talent for the sport who is still discovering what burro racing truly means to him.

Brian Kline and Dan Scherer - "Striker"

Premiered: September 8, 2012

Writer Daniel Scherer and writer/director Brian Kline take you where few dare to go in the world of rock music, the bowling alley! The Making of Striker chronicles the duo as they fulfill their dream of creating a music video.

Douglas Rosenberg - "Seven Solos"

Premiered: August 3, 2012

This documentary follows the process of dancer Li Chiao-Ping as she prepares to perform the work of seven postmodern choreographers including Elizabeth Streb, Heidi Latsky, June Watanabe, Victoria Marks, Cynthia Adams, Molissa Fenley and Bebe Miller. Chiao-Ping immerses herself in the choreographic language of each choreographer as she learns the solos created specifically for her.

Dan Lamoureux - "Nerdcore for Life"

Premiered: July 20, 2012

Born on the web, Nerdcore is hip-hop made by geeks, for geeks. Rapping about comic books, video games, science fiction and other nerd-friendly topics, performers with stage names as Ytcracker, Optimus Rhyme, MC Router, MC Plus +, and Beefy reveal the rebellious pride at the heart of this fascinating new musical genre.

Sabine Gruffat - "I Have Always Been a Dreamer"

Premiered: July 13, 2012

"I Have Always Been a Dreamer" is former UW professor Sabine Gruffat's travelogue and film portrait of two cities in contrasting states of development: Dubai, UAE and Detroit, USA.

Deborah and Bradley Carr - "FEAT: 63 Marathons in 63 Days"

Premiered: July 6, 2012

FEAT is a feature documentary chronicling one man's coast-to-coast quest to run 63 marathons in 63 days for kids battling the rare, terminal disease ataxia telangiectasia or A-T.

Timm Gable - "It's Happiness: A Polka Documentary"

Premiered: June 29, 2012

"It's Happiness: A Polka Documentary" is about coming of old age. While many elders resort to a quieter life, these “polka people” refuse to surrender to the inevitable constraints of aging. While the polka crowds are eager to show their enjoyment and dedication of their dance, one question remains-- "In 20 years, who will run the dance halls, perform in the bands, and pounce the floors?"

Ryan Sarnowski & Chrystal White - "Passing the Baton"

Premiered: June 22, 2012

For 30 years, the late Joe Sims worked to give Milwaukee urban youth something positive to do in the summers and to help them find a road to college. Through his Milwaukee Striders Track Club, Sims taught hundreds of kids how running can build a path to a better life. Produced by doc|UWM, this film follows the athletes as they go from the streets of Milwaukee to the Junior National Olympics.

Frank G. Caruso - "This is My Sister"

Premiered: May 25, 2012

In 1957, when nearly all babies born with developmental disabilities were institutionalized, Earl & Marion said, “No, not Mary,” even as the doctors said Mary would not even know their name or may even harm their family. Mary's two sisters take Earl & Marion's example of what unconditional love is, redefining it evermore.

Nicholas Langholff & Darren Burrows - Driftless Film Fest

Premiered: May 18, 2012

The Driftless Film Festival showcases independent films in beautiful venues in southwestern Wisconsin while enriching the community with face-to-face interaction with the filmmakers. Lovely By Surprise- In this stunning, offbeat film, an aspiring novelist tries to kill off her protagonist with real-world repercussions.

Pete Schwaba & Lance Barber - "The Godfather of Green Bay"

Premiered: May 4, 2012

Struggling stand-up comedian Joe Keegan faces the audition of a lifetime - a chance to perform on The Tonight Show. But first, he must leave the big city and travel to rural Pine Lake, Wisconsin, to win over a talent scout and his toughest audience yet.

Wisconsin 2012 Film Festival

Premiered: April 13, 2012

The 14th annual Wisconsin Film Festival is the state's premier film festival. Meet Jim Healy and John Powers from the WFF who will talk about this year's festival. Joining them are directors whose films will be at the WFF, including Alex Pickett, Kyle Richards, Brandon Colvin, Nick Holle and Michael Neelsen.


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