Director's Cut Videos

Director's Cut Videos

Patrick Cady, "Triviatown"

Premiered: April 2, 2009

For the past 40 years, thousands have come to Stevens Point on one weekend for one thing - the world's largest trivia contest. "Triviatown" follows the teams as they cluster together in basements, garages and living rooms for 54 straight hours playing trivia.

Matt Sienkiewicz, "Live: From Bethlehem"

Premiered: March 10, 2009

"Live: From Bethlehem" chronicles the struggles, failures and triumphs of the Ma'an News Network, the only major independent news source in the Palestinian Territories. The film focuses more on people than politics and the freedom of expression in the evolving Palestinian mediascape.

Troy and Frances Perkins, "Tractor for Sale," "Brothers," and "Test Day"

Premiered: January 13, 2009

Husband and wife Troy and Frances Perkins are UW professors who moonlight as a successful directing-producing team. They discuss their short films "Tractor for Sale," "Brothers," and "Test Day" and their passion for independent filmmaking.

Rod Beaudoin and Ron Nief, The Beloit International Film Festival

Premiered: January 13, 2009

The Beloit International Film Festival is in its fourth year and shows more than 150 films from around the world. It's the Sundance for small-town Wisconsin. Two films featured at this year's BIFF are "Loose Cannons" and "Treasure Diversity."

Brad Lichtenstein and Nicole Brown, "Chosen Towns" and "Almost Home"

Premiered: January 13, 2009

"Chosen Towns" follows the lives of nine Jewish families who span the breadth of the state and 150 years. "Almost Home" follows a nursing home working to transform the impersonal, regimented hospital-like institution into a warm "home."

Frank X. Sommers & Frank Caruso, "Going Great White"

Premiered: December 10, 2008

"Going Great White" is a well-crafted satire of the American Dream, skewering everything from homeschooling to fitness programs along the way. "Going Great White" is a zany journey into the desperate world of pyramid sales schemes. It's "Best in Show" meets Amway.

Melissa Lawrenz, "Heather"

Premiered: December 10, 2008

"Heather" is a high school drama that follows Heather, a teenage outsider, who tries to get closer to popular boy Steve. At a weekend party he rapes her. Heather must again defend herself against those who don't believe her.

Christian Otjen, "Reeseville"

Premiered: November 18, 2008

"Reeseville" is a murder mystery set in the rural Midwest. David Meyers returns to Reeseville to find his father committed suicide or did he? The outwardly peaceful appearance of Reeseville begins to unravel as the town's dark underbelly is exposed.

Frank Anderson and Barry Poltermann, "The Life of Reilly"

Premiered: November 18, 2008

"The Life of Reilly" is an adaptation of Charles Nelson Reilly's acclaimed one-man show. Famous for his game show innuendo, Reilly takes viewers through his bizarre, tragic, hilarious, and ultimately amazing life with a potent blend of tenderness and quick one-liners.

Jason Gullickson and Matthew M. Cribben, "Breakdown"

Premiered: November 18, 2008

"Breakdown" is the story of a band that never made it out of the incubator but created an environment of inspiration and provided another generation with the knowledge that the creative venture, not financial success, is the true reward.

Milwaukee Spotlight Student Film Fest

Premiered: October 2, 2008

Milwaukee Spotlight Student Film Fest Directors Dominic Inouye and James Carlson discuss the fest's success. Plus, two very talented young directors, Sam Shapson and Mike Cheslik discuss their films and upcoming projects.

Scott Rivera, "Exact Change"

Premiered: September 9, 2008

"Exact Change" follows 25 Milwaukee high school students on a civil rights bus tour through Atlanta, Selma, Montgomery, Birmingham and Memphis, for a firsthand look how the experience changes their attitudes toward race relations.