Director's Cut Videos

Director's Cut Videos

James Bett Jr. and William Zenobia, "Into The Pit"

Premiered: July 15, 2010

"Into The Pit" tells the story of Wes Vance and Aaron Frye, two seemingly unremarkable Kentuckians who have lived in the small town of Prestonsburg their entire lives. Looking for a change, they turn their love of horror films into a radio show that soon that soon takes on a life of its own.

Peter Rudy and Ivo Knezevic, "No Sleep 'til Madison"

Premiered: July 8, 2010

30-year-old Owen Fenby loves his girlfriend but he loves high school hockey more, or does he? One by one his friends are deserting his annual pilgrimage to the Wisconsin State High School Hockey Tournament forcing him to confront some harsh truths about his bizarre obsession.

Scott Smith and John Fromstein, "Being Bucky"

Premiered: July 1, 2010

When you are being Bucky for the first time, you are disoriented, and wondering why you ever got yourself into this. By the time you're done, you don't ever want to stop. Meet the seven students who play Bucky Badger during the 2007-2008 school year.

Corey Kealiher and Chris Rye, "For Liberty"

Premiered: June 24, 2010

This documentary follows the historic Ron Paul campaign from the perspective of grassroots activists and showcases the unique often bizarre, yet, groundbreaking projects they undertook as they brushed aside traditional campaign methodology.

Rob Yeo, UWM Peck School of the Arts Student Films

Premiered: June 17, 2010

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) Peck School of the Arts shares films from its 29th-Annual UWM Student Film Festival. Department of Film Chair Rob Yeo discusses the student program, plus several young directors join us to talk about their films.

Jarrod Crooks, "Thieves Like Us"

Premiered: June 10, 2010

"Thieves Like Us" is an action-packed comedy about Toby who intends to give up his life of thieving and marry his longtime girlfriend. But a kidnapping blackmail plot and one more big heist puts a snag in his plans. Can he pull it off and win back Lindsey?

Justine Nagan, "Typeface"

Premiered: May 20, 2010

In a time when people can carry computers in their pockets and watch TV while walking down the street, "Typeface" dares to explore the twilight of the analog craft of wood type printing that is freshly inspiring artists in a digital age.

Dao Chang and Jenny Plevin, "My Way Home"

Premiered: May 13, 2010

This documentary is about a Hmong woman (a UWM film student) who goes back to Laos to meet her aunt and other family members who did not flee to Thailand or the U.S. Along the way, she discovers what home really means.

Aaron Yonda & Matt Sloan, "Chad Vader: Day Shift Manager"

Premiered: April 29, 2010

Life is hard for Chad Vader, the younger and less charismatic brother of Darth Vader, who is the day-shift manager of a grocery store named Empire Market. The story presents Chad's clash with customers and other employees while incorporating dialogue and concepts from "Star Wars."

Steve Burrows, "Chump Change"

Premiered: April 22, 2010

"Chump Change" traces the rise, fall, rise, fall and rise of Milwaukee Steven whose descent into the nightmare of Los Angeles sends him fleeing back to his native Wisconsin. It is a film about life, love and laughter, hope, dreams and redemption; but mostly it's a film about fame, fortune, cheese and beer.

Wisconsin Film Festival

Premiered: April 4, 2010

The 11th-annual Wisconsin Film Festival is the state's premier film festival. WFF Director Meg Hamel joins us for an hourlong special to discuss this year's festival, and preview clips from eight of the films featured. Plus, Bob Trondson will give viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the WFF.

Meg Hamel, Film Festival Edition

Premiered: April 4, 2010

The 12th-annual Wisconsin Film Festival (WFF) is the state's premier film festival. WFF Director Meg Hamel joins us for an hourlong special to discuss this year's festival and preview clips from some of the films featured. Plus Bob Trondson shows viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the WFF.


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