Trevor Velin & Roger Pedretti - "Haulin' Ass"

Trevor Velin & Roger Pedretti - "Haulin' Ass"

Premiere date: Sep 18, 2012

Quick! What’s the only sport indigenous to Colorado? That’s right: pack-burro racing, in which competitors lead (not ride) their burro companions along mountainous paths. The pace of individual competitors can range from a flat-out run to a stand-still (stubborn as a __), but it’s certainly a physically demanding competition in high altitude. This documentary follows Curtis Imrie, an old-time racer who returns annually, driven by a passion for the sport and the community; Roger Pedretti, who travels from Lacrosse, Wisconsin to carry the torch of a family legacy; and Hal Walter, a family man with a true talent for the sport who is still discovering what burro racing truly means to him. They compete for the “other” Triple Crown of racing, in a film that’s hilarious, suspenseful, and affectionate.


Trevor Velin|Director

Trevor Velin is a Brooklyn-based filmmaker and cinematographer. He is known for his camera work on television shows such as Bravo's "Bethenny Ever After" and "Fashion Hunters," TLC's "Cake Boss," and IFC's "Z-Rock." He also gained experience through his work on Bradley Beesley's 2008 documentary, "Okie Noodling II." "Haulin' Ass" is Trevor's first feature length documentary.

Born in raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Trevor credits his parents, Paul and Connie, for exposing him to art and film at a young age. He developed a strong interest in photography and filmmaking during his formative years and followed that path at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he majored in Broadcast Journalism.

Today, Trevor works on many television shows as a freelance Director of Photography and Camera Operator. He is very proud of "Haulin' Ass," and hopes to someday compete in (and maybe even finish) one of the burro races featured in the film.

Roger Pedretti|Burro Racer

Roger Pedretti was born in La Crosse, Wisconsin and currently resides in La Crosse. He is retired from the US Army Reserve. His current job is Postmaster, Genoa WI 54632. He began burro racing in 2005 as a tribute to his late brother, Robert Pedretti, who was an outstanding runner and Winner of the 1999 World Championship Pack Burro race.

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