Travis Torok & Kyle Probst - "The Smart Ones"

Travis Torok & Kyle Probst - "The Smart Ones"

Premiere date: Jun 21, 2013

The Smart Ones is a feature-length comedy about graduate students who rob houses in order to pay for their tuition. Jim, Dean, and Sally are long time college friends attending a private school in Chicago. In order to pay for their prestigious schooling, Jim and Dean have found alternative methods to raise money, much to Sally’s disapproval. As conflicts arise amongst each other, the school, and their malevolent education teacher, Jim and Dean’s boundaries between raising money and school become blurred.

That being said, The Smart Ones is currently in production in both Milwaukee and Chicago. It's a story that will resonate with college students everywhere; a motion picture that is both intimate and universal, The Smart Ones is inclusive of many genres from drama to comedy, from thriller to romance. If you ever had a teacher or professor who was a complete a**hole to his students, this film offers all the payback you could dream of.


Travis Torok|Director

Travis Torok’s passion is filmmaking. After picking up a camcorder when he was 10, he began shooting and writing videos and hasn’t stopped since. Along side of his work at Obscured Lens Productions, he currently freelances as a producer, videographer, and editor for such companies as CreamCity Photo and Video, Jigsaw, Milwaukee Entertainment Group, StoryVision Video, and Woodgrain Media. His latest directorial effort, The Smart Ones, is feature-length comedy about graduate students who steal from suburban houses to pay for their tuition. It is premiering at the 2013 Wisconsin Film Festival. If not working on his latest project, he's planning the next, and is currently hard at work developing a comedy series.

Kyle Probst|Co-Director

Kyle Probst is the co-founder of Obscured Lens Productions. Ever since Kyle was young he had a fondness for filmmaking. Using his parent’s video camera (often without permission) he would create short films with his friends as the actors. His passion for this medium of storytelling snowballed into high school and finally off to UW-Milwaukee where he pursued a degree in film. It was there that he met
fellow filmmaker Travis Torok and they began producing films under the label Obscured Lens Productions.
Kyle has created dozens of films throughout the years across a wide variety of genres including: documentary, narrative, experimental, wedding, and promotional. Although he has ample experience in all facets of the filmmaking process, Kyle finds his biggest strength to lie behind the camera.
When not behind the camera, Kyle is an avid runner. He plays guitar, enjoys craft beer, live music, and keeping up with current events in the world.

Kyle Gallagher-Schmidt|Actor

Kyle Gallagher-Schmitz is a Milwaukee based actor and recent BFA graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Kyle's past performances include UWM’s productions of THREE SISTERS, THE NATURE OF MUTATION, and AS YOU LIKE IT. Some of his favorite roles are Frank in UWM's production of THIS LIMETREE BOWER and Oliver Kendell in Youngblood Theatre Co.'s SPIRITS TO ENFORCE. You can also look for Kyle in the feature length comedy THE SMART ONES, which is screening at the Wisconsin Film Festival April 11. Kyle would like to thank his family for their love and support.

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