Tom Mailhot, "Row Hard No Excuses"

Tom Mailhot, "Row Hard No Excuses"

Premiere date: Sep 08, 2011

Row Hard No Excuses is an award-winning documentary that chronicles the voyage of the only American entry in a rowing race across the Atlantic Ocean. It is both an exciting sports-adventure story and an intimate portrait of the two-man crew that explores masculinity, midlife and ambition.

At 51 and 41, John Zeigler and Tom Mailhot are among the oldest competitors to participate in the Atlantic Rowing Challenge, a three thousand mile race from the Canary Islands to Barbados. They spend three years and personal savings to make their dream of winning possible, but once on the water, they find the grueling crossing is easy to underestimate, and their quest offers one major obstacle after another. Drawing from their compelling video diary at sea, the film engages the audience in the emotional challenges and rewards of their arduous journey. With a camera on nearly every boat, a diverse chorus of other teams—men and women, young and old—adds context to a meditation on human endurance and perseverance in the most extreme conditions.


Tom Mailhot | Rower

Tom, a New England native, is an ex-minor league hockey player whose career was stopped short by an eye injury. He has since become an accomplished kayak adventurer. His tall physique, unkempt blond hair and bushy mustache give him the look of a modern day pirate. He has an intense gaze that masks his mischievous sense of humor. Tom was laid off from his job as a construction supervisor for putting too much energy into building the boat and ended up deeply in debt as a result of the race.

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