Timm Gable - "It's Happiness: A Polka Documentary"

Timm Gable - "It's Happiness: A Polka Documentary"

Premiere date: Jun 29, 2012

“It’s Happiness: A Polka Documentary” is about coming of age or more appropriately about coming of old age. While many “elders” resort to a quieter life in their later years, these “polka people” refuse to surrender to the inevitable constraints of aging. While the polka crowds are eager to show their enjoyment and dedication of their dance, one question remains” “In 20 years, who will run the dance halls, perform in the bands, and pounce the floors?” Polka Boosters President John Pinter clutches to a hint of hope in the current, yet underground younger generation who instead of going to the local mall on Saturday night, proceed to the nearest polka event. As John’s story unwinds, we see how the “polka people” use this music to live rather than just be alive.


Timm Gable|Timm Gable is a Milwaukee based film and broadcast producer. He produces television commercials for numerous Fortune 500 brands including Bombardier Recreational Products, Johnsonville Sausage, and Bosch Power Tools as well as numerous music videos and video content.

In 2006, he produced the documentary, “It’s Happiness: A Polka Documentary.” Garnering acclaim at film festivals nationwide, the film celebrates the unique culture and colorful characters native to Milwaukee’s rich Polka music history. Additionally, he has partnered with Milwaukee Film and the UWM film school, serving as a panel judge for each of their short film competitions.

Currently, Timm is in post-production on the feature length documentary, “The Sign Painter Movie,” a profile of American sign painters and how their art has shaped the way our urban landscape looks with their hand lettering and painting skills on walls, windows, cars, and buildings all around us.

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