Steve Levin, "Jerabek"

Steve Levin, "Jerabek"

Premiere date: Jun 13, 2009

"Jerabek" is an intimate portrait of one family that confronts the tragedy of war.


Steve Levin | Producer/Camera Operator

Steve Levin has been an award-winning photojournalist and editor for two decades. As a producer and camera operator on JERABEK, he brings his unique visual storytelling ability to documentary film. He served as Photo Editor/Photographer for The Sporting News, Inside Sports, Home Gym & Fitness, and Golf Digest magazines as well as Director of Photography for Pinnacle Brands Trading Cards. His images have appeared in publications nationally and internationally including Sports Illustrated, The TIMES of London, USA Today and People. Steve has covered multiple Olympics, Super Bowls, NASCAR races, presidential campaigns, Grammy's, Oscars, film festivals, and many other worldwide sporting, entertainment and news events. He holds a bachelor's degree in Photojournalism from the Missouri School of Journalism and is a fellow of the Casey Journalism Center on Children and Families.

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