Steve Burrows, "Chump Change"

Steve Burrows, "Chump Change"

Premiere date: Apr 22, 2010

"Chump Change" is a modern comedy that traces the rise, fall, rise, fall and rise of MILWAUKEE STEVE, whose descent into the nightmare of Los Angeles sends him fleeing back to his native Wisconsin where he meets and falls in love with the beautiful, irascible SAM. As Milwaukee tells Sam his story, the film breezes between Milwaukee's past - his surreal, hilarious adventures through the Hollywood looking glass - and the present where he and Sam trek through the snowy tundra and glorious Wisconsin kitsch. "Chump Change" is a film about life, love and laughter - about hope, dreams and redemption. But mostly it's a film about fame, fortune, cheese and beer.


Steve Burrows | Director/Writer

Born in Dayton, Ohio. It is during his early formative years that Steve's grandmother first declares he is an idiot savant - minus the savant part. Weaned and reared in Milwaukee, beer capital of the world, it is worth noting that while most toddlers appear to be drunk, there's a very good chance Steve was.

Steve's first major influence appears when his dad wins it all playing the saw on The Gong Show. He attends high school in Greendale, Wis., "The Garden Community" and is removed from sophomore biology class for mounting his fetal pig head on the bubbler. Steve returns to Ohio as a freshman at Bowling Green State University, where he learns such invaluable life skills as the shooting of a beer bong and the lighting of one's own flatulence. He transfers to the University of Wisconsin where in a stunning turn of events he actually studies.

Graduating with a double major, Steve moves to Chicago and inexplicably becomes a singing telegram messenger. His comedy career begins inadvertently while performing a strip-o-gram. He joins Second City director Del Close in the Baron's Barracudas improvisational comedy troupe that perfects the now acclaimed "Harold" while simultaneously landing a job as a P.A. on the Hollywood film "The Untouchables" where Steve is immediately read the riot act by Sean Connery. He meets his future wife at O'Hare Airport while wearing a cabana suit. After wooing her in Mexico and chasing her to Germany, they marry in Las Vegas.

The second major influence appears when Steve sees Siegfried and Roy at the Mirage.

The newlyweds head to Los Angeles where they quickly move into an apartment building managed by a man named God. Steve continues his way up the production ladder working on the swing gang as a lead man and a second A.D. on everything from commercials to MOW's. One notable highlight includes seeing Buddy Ebsen naked.

He makes first film "The Soldier of Fortune," a short about his actual appearance and subsequent humiliation on the Wheel of Fortune game show. The film wins a litany of film festivals but is forced out of competition when Steve is sued by Merv Griffin. Steve becomes a full-time writer/performer with The Groundlings comedy troupe. This leads to stints on Seinfeld and America"s Funniest Home Video, as well as a cavalcade of TV spots including Miller Lite, McDonald's, Wausau Insurance, Apple Computers, Direct TV, A & W, Snackwells and Selsun Blue where Steve is perhaps best known for his convincing portrayal as "the guy with psoriasis."

After optioning several scripts and writing a feature for 20th Century Fox, Steve makes his directorial feature film debut with "Chump Change" (Fame, Fortune, Cheese and Beer) starring Tim Matheson, Traci Lords, Jerry Stiller, Anne Meara, Fred Willard and Abe Vigoda.

While waiting for third major influence to appear, it occurs to Steve that seeing Buddy Ebsen naked might very well qualify.

Bowling average 189.

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