Rod Beaudoin and Ron Nief, The Beloit International Film Festival

Rod Beaudoin and Ron Nief, The Beloit International Film Festival

Premiere date: Jan 13, 2009

"Loose Cannons"

The University of Madison's student-run Campus Security is on the verge of collapse. Suffering from dropping membership and a waning reputation after they let the campus's number one criminal, Spencer Huntley, slip through their fingers, the three remaining members, led by Chuck Sypholis, have one last chance to prove their worth in keeping the university safe. Packed with kinetic kung fu fights, this quirky comedy pits underdog cop heroes against anti-institution villains. Director Andy Schlachtenhaufen's first feature film - produced for a little over one grand and a cast and crew of college friends - "Loose Cannons" is a cinematic epic not to be missed!


"Treasure Diversity"

"Treasure Diversity" is a short film diving into the issues of autisim, diversity and acceptance.


Rod Beaudoin | Executive Director of BIFF

Roddie Beaudoin is the founding executive director of the four-year-old Beloit International Film Festival (BIFF) and also serves as executive of Beloit Riverfest, the largest rock festival in the Midwest held each July in Beloit. As the head of Arts Management Partners, he also serves as executive director of the Beloit Janesville Symphony Orchestra.

This interest in the Beloit area came five years ago when Beaudoin was asked to take over the leadership of Riverfest. Shortly after that, conversations started with friends and colleagues about how to expand the artistic and cultural reputation of the Stateline community. With the support of numerous organizations and the sponsoring partnership from The Hendricks Group and Beloit College, BIFF was born. Today, the Beloit International Film Festival draws 6,000-7,000 people to nine venues for four days of independent films.

For two decades, Beaudoin has been an impresario, talent manager and producer in the Southern Wisconsin area. A graduate of St. Norbert College, he brings a strong business sense to the entertainment world having spent 13 years in the family highway construction business, eventually becoming president of the firm and leading the Wisconsin Concrete Pavers’ Association.

Throughout his college and construction careers however, he regularly took time off to perform, establishing a reputation around the country that continues today. His rich baritone renderings of the Frank Sinatra - Tony Bennett songbook are well known. During the 70s, he took a year sabbatical to tour, opening for major acts in Las Vegas and on the Playboy Club circuit. The voice is still mellow and can be heard several times each month when he performs with the Rob Tomaro Trio at Café Belwah in Beloit.

In 1990, he sold the highway construction business to launch Gerard Entertainment, developing and providing entertainment and on-site management for regional and national festivals, and establishing a record production company, booking agency, and artist personal management firm. He also helped to develop the Wisconsin Area Music Industry organization (WAMI) and served as a founding director.

In 1997, he expanded the entertainment business creating McMahon Entertainment, Inc., producing festivals, corporate events, and nightclub programs while coordinating and managing careers for performing artists, songwriters, and record producers. He continues to provide entertainment services to corporations, festivals, hotels, and clubs.

The Beloit International Film Festival (BIFF) is modeled on the early Sundance Festival and uses businesses, restaurants, college lecture halls, museums, and other facilities for showing 150 films. Special events permit participants to meet and talk with filmmakers from around the world. BIFF was named a Sundance alternative by the New York Times last year and was called "the next big thing" by Moviemaker Magazine. BIFF 2009 has expanded to include a preview series of lectures at Beloit College on screenwriting, art films, and classical music soundtracks. Hollywood producer Steve McEveety (Braveheart, Passion of the Christ, What Women Want) is honorary chair.


Ron Nief | Founding Producer/Director/Public Affairs

Ron is one of the founding producers who have overseen the Festival. Ron has primarily been responsible for promoting the various elements of BIFF and have also served as Head Chef.

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