Rob Yeo, UWM Peck School of the Arts Student Films

Rob Yeo, UWM Peck School of the Arts Student Films

Premiere date: Jun 17, 2010

Our programs of study focus on the individual student. We nurture students to pursue their particular creative impulses and expand their curiosity so that they may transform into unique, expressive artists and thinkers with a mastery of creative, conceptual and technical skills.

Our dual purpose is to both prepare students for careers in making art of all kinds or working in the media industry while also providing a time and place for students to put aside the demands and constrictions of the professional world, and thoroughly explore what it means to develop as an artist. Our faculty and staff are teachers and practicing artists who think of the university as a sacred place where art, ideas, technology and media converge — an environment where students should enjoy ample attention and freedom to flourish.

These six films were shown at the UWM Student Film Festival and are the students' final projects.


Rob Yeo

Rob Yeo's early work experimented with techniques of color photo-processing. He is currently producing a series of short films and videotapes concerning maritime activities on the Great Lakes. The first of these, "Winterships," has won honors at numerous national festivals. Yeo is interested in integrating new technologies into the production process and teaches courses in multimedia production. He also is collaborating with teachers in the Milwaukee Public Schools to bring media arts into the K-12 classroom.

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