Patrick Cady, "Triviatown"

Patrick Cady, "Triviatown"

Premiere date: Apr 02, 2009

For the past thirty-five years thousands of Americans have come to one town on one weekend for one thing: The World's Largest Trivia Contest. Each year in April, 11,000 players on 450 teams compete hundreds of miles from the nearest major city. Groups of five to fifty cluster together in basements, garages and living rooms for 54 straight hours. Old friends compete against old enemies. Husbands battle wives. Grandparents wake up kids at 4am to find out where Spongebob lives.

"The Contest," as it's known, keeps them together. Families, The Class of '79, the Beerpigs. Thousands of people tethered to the tiny town of Stevens Point, Wisconsin. Most claim Trivia as just a hobby, yet many spend all year compiling notes on every film, show and commercial they see.

Starting at six on Friday night, The Oz takes to the airwaves as the masses huddle around their radios listening to 90FM, the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point's radio station. Over the next 54 hours, teams have the length of two songs to come up with answers to the world's most Trivial questions. What was the name of the milk on the table in Close Encounters? You better be able to find out in four minutes if you hope to win.

What brings them back every year? For the team of grownup uber geeks known as Network it's not wanting to lose to the upperclassman that have been taunting them since freshman year… in 1974. For the Cakers it's the "Tequila Olympics." For others, on teams like Graduates of a Lesser God, it's the only place they've ever fit in next to a popular girl. Many started playing as kids and have moved on to careers or families outside of Trivia. Many more have not. The world changes. The Contest is always there.

Questions overwhelm us for the next 54 hours. Norm's Stool gets on an early roll. Network falls behind but rallies to get within striking distance. Amazingly, the Cakers stop drinking long enough to make a move for the top 10. And finally, in the weekend's most emotional moment, well, we can't tell you that…


Patrick Cady | Co-Director/Executive Producer

Patrick "got hooked" on film working as the camera intern on director John Sayles' "Passion Fish." Eight years after hauling cases for Roger Deakins on that first film, he was singled out as one of Variety's "Ten Cinematographers to Watch" for his work shooting "Girlfight". He then went on to shoot Mr. Sayles' "Sunshine State" which was lauded as one of the best films of 2002 by The New York Times. He was also a cinematographer on CBS's premiere season of "Cold Case", which was the nation's most watched new drama. He continues to shoot movies and TV shows, including HBO's critical hit "In Treatment" and "The Stepfather" for Sony/Screen Gems.

Patrick lives in Los Angeles with his wife and daughter, both of whom have been remarkably supportive of his pursuit to make a film about the World's Largest Trivia Contest.

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