Nathan Clarke, "Wrestling for Jesus"

Nathan Clarke, "Wrestling for Jesus"

Premiere date: May 26, 2011

Timothy Blackmon felt the drive to evangelize to his fellow man, and did what seemed right in rural South Carolina: he founded an amateur Christian wrestling league to spread the Word. Setting up the battered oilcloth ring in gymnasiums around the county, Wrestling for Jesus might draw a few dozen fans on a good night.

Timothy’s better known as T-Money, and he holds together a raggedy group of grizzled old bikers and young skinny wrestlers. It’s tough work, both the praying and the fighting, and inevitably the challenges mount: injuries, family time, and a rival backyard wrestling gang known as the Throne of Anguish Wrestling Federation.


Nathan Clarke | Director

Wrestling For Jesus is the first feature length documentary for Nathan Clarke. He honed his skills directing documentary shorts around the world on a diverse range of subjects including; gang life in a Central American prison, a hog wrestling competition in rural Wisconsin, and the prosperity gospel in West Africa. Clarke specializes in observational documentaries that examine the intersection of faith and public life. Through documentary, he seeks to dig through society's simple answers to discover complexity and tension. Clarke lives in Madison Wisconsin with his wife and two daughters.

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