Melody Gilbert and Mitchell Lundin, "Disconnnected"

Melody Gilbert and Mitchell Lundin, "Disconnnected"

Premiere date: Apr 02, 2009

This documentary follows three well-wired Carleton College kids as they are stripped of their all-important connections. Three weeks offline? In no time flat, eight students, who co-created the movie under the supervision of Carleton teacher and executive producer Melody Gilbert ), suffer Facebook withdrawal and such. They're forced to discover typewriters, video games, nature, and themselves.


Melody Gilbert | Executive Producer

Melody Gilbert is an independent documentary filmmaker ( and educator who has directed, produced, filmed (and sometimes edited) five independent feature-length documentaries since 2002:  Married at the Mall, A Life Without Pain, Whole, Urban Explorers: Into the Darkness, and Fritz: The Walter Mondale Story.  The Documentary Channel calls her "One of the most fearless filmmakers in contemporary documentary cinema." When she’s not making documentaries, she teaches students how to make them.

All of Melody’s films have screened at major film festivals around the world and have been broadcast in dozens of countries, from Australia to France and everywhere in between. Her documentaries have been featured on Oprah, CNN, ABC, Medical Mysteries, Entertainment Tonight and Good Morning America. Articles about her films have appeared in many publications, from the New York Times to Newsweek, the Hollywood Reporter and Variety. If you had to sum up Melody in one sentence, you might say: Melody is driven to explore the unknown and share it with others.

Last year, she worked with Cinema and Media Studies students at Carleton College to create Disconnected. It took a year to make under Ms. Gilbert's guidance, and the film has achieved commercial success with film festival screenings, broadcasts on public television (Wisconsin and Minnesota) and national press coverage on National Public Radio and in USA Today.


Mitchell Lundin | Producer/Editor

Mitchell Lundin majored in Psychology with a Cinema and Media Studies concentration at Carleton College in Minnesota.  While attending school, Chel wrote and directed numerous short films for various student competitions and events. Disconnected is his first feature-length film, on which he served as one of the producers and editors in addition to his role as a featured participant.  He uses his computer all the time.

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