Melissa Lawrenz, "Heather"

Melissa Lawrenz, "Heather"

Premiere date: Dec 10, 2008

"Heather" is a high school drama that follows teenager, Heather, an outsider who tries to get closer to popular boy Steve, who she thinks might have feelings for her. Heather sneaks into Steve's weekend party and he rapes her. Heather must again defend herself when Jenny, Steve's girlfriend, accosts her at school. In the end, Heather must decide to either agree to her parents' terms to avoid the problem and say that it never happened or take the matter into her own hands.

In "Outside of This House," Robin, a fifteen-year-old girl, usually hides away from the reality in her closet but today she is forced to change her passive ways. During breakfast, Robin defends Karl from their abusive father and has to deal with the repercussions. As a result, Robin secretly runs away with Karl as he leaves home for college. When she's caught, Karl forces her to go back to the place she hates, home. In the end, Robin escapes the house in a more realistic way and changes the dynamics of her family forever.


Melissa Lawrenz | Director/Writer

Melissa Lawrenz was born in Stockholm, Sweden and grew up mostly in the Midwest USA with a short jaunt to Alberta, Canada in the late 70s. She studied at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, lived and worked in Sweden for a year, and graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a BA in 1994. She studied Theatre Arts with an emphasis in acting, as well as, Scandinavian literature and Swedish.

After obtaining her BA, Melissa worked in London, England for a bit then returned to Green Bay, WI to work at WFRV-TV. She worked at the CBS owned station for five years in all aspects including Directing, Technical Directing, Audio, and Editing. She Produced and Directed her own weekly sports program, Eye On Sports.

Melissa received her MFA in Film & Video Production at Columbia College Chicago in 2006. Her Thesis film, Heather, is complete and will be submitted to film festivals worldwide.

With the release of Heather, she will continue to pursue her desire to work in the independent film industry, as well as, pursue her talent in editing.

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