Matthew Osterman - "Ghost from the Machine"

Matthew Osterman - "Ghost from the Machine"

Premiere date: May 18, 2013

A guilt-ridden young man, tasked with raising his younger brother after the death of their parents, plunges himself into the murky science of the supernatural and invents a machine intended to be a conduit to the other side. He eventually reaches an unintended level of success that not only threatens his safety, but also of those around him. He quickly learns that the supernatural isn’t all that super and human nature can even be worse.


Matt Osterman|Director

Matt Osterman is an award-winning filmmaker best known for his independent debut feature, Ghost from The Machine.  The film premiered in 2010 at the Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal, played numerous festivals around the world, and will be domestically distributed by Screen Media in mid-2011.  A few years prior, Matt produced the documentary "Sportsfan" which was executive produced by Jon Stewart and premiered on SpikeTV.  He is a fellow of the IFP Filmmaker's Lab and works as a freelance creative director when he’s not making films.

He is best known for his feature film Ghost From The Machine, his award-winning short films, and his work on the documentary Sportsfan with Aaron Lubarsky and Jon Stewart. Ghost From the Machine was one of ten films in the nation to be accepted into the Independent Feature Project Filmmakers Narrative Lab in 2009. Sportsfan aired nationally on SpikeTV and played numerous festivals all over the country.

Osterman has also collaborated closely with Emmy Award winner and Guinness World Record Holder, Dan Buettner, helping him found the Quest Network and establish the Blue Zones. He was also research lead on National Geographic Magazine’s, "Secrets of Longevity" (cover story, November 2005). In addition, Osterman has worked extensively in the creative/branding industries, helping create over 25 brands that can be seen in Target, Best Buy, Circuit City, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and numerous others.

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