Matt Sienkiewicz, "Live: From Bethlehem"

Matt Sienkiewicz, "Live: From Bethlehem"

Premiere date: Mar 10, 2009

Live: From Bethlehem chronicles the struggles, failures and triumphs of the Ma'an News Network, the only major independent news source in the Palestinian Territories. Following the lives of the station's reporters, producers and photographers, this documentary provides an in-depth, balanced look into the challenges of making news in one of the world's most combative regions. A highly observational film, Live: From Bethlehem focuses more on people than politics while still engaging with questions of gender equality and freedom of expression in the evolving Palestinian mediascape.


Matt Sienkiewicz | Producer/Cinematographer

Matt Sienkiewicz is an Emmy-nominated screenwriter and documentarian, as well as a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Wisconsin. His credits include the award-winning comedy series Windy Acres and the acclaimed television documentary Festa. His academic research focuses on Western involvement in Middle Eastern broadcasting initiatives and ethnic representation in American media. He has articles forthcoming in The Journal of Film and Video and The Community Media Reader.

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