Louis Lapat, "Win or Lose: A Summer Camp Story"

Louis Lapat, "Win or Lose: A Summer Camp Story"

Premiere date: Apr 02, 2009

A documentary about boys at summer camp who push themselves to win an ultra competitive event at the end of camp. Learning how to lose is a devastating but valuable lesson learned by the end of the competition.

A character driven, personal documentary about winning and losing at summer camp. "Win or Lose" follows several counselors and campers through a ten day, competitive extravaganza at Camp Ojibwa. What does competition do  to natural winners? Will they be able to handle defeat? Could a less popular kid succeed in this environment? And then there are the kids that just don’t care if they win or lose. Will they step up to the plate at all? Most importantly: what does it mean for kids to come of age in a competitive environment? Throughout the film the filmmaker recounts his own personal story of competition at camp utilizing animation. By the end of camp, the campers, counselors and filmmaker have learned a valuable but difficult lesson: how to lose.


Louis Lapat | Director/Editor/Producer/Writer/Camera

Louis Lapat makes his directing, camera and editing debut with "Win or Lose: A Summer Camp Story." As a camper, Camp Ojibwa was an intense, life altering experience for him.

After attending camp for 4 years he quit camp vowing never to return again. 14 years later he makes a film about it. The result is part intense character driven competition part artistic catharsis. His previous short film, "Depression" was screened at a dozen film festivals and received DVD distribution. Louis was featured in GenArt.COM, where he was listed as a featured filmmaker. He currently works at TK Video Productions as a producer and director. Louis was awarded an MFA in film directing from Columbia University.

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