Kathy Lindboe & Robin Van Ert, "NONAMES"

Kathy Lindboe & Robin Van Ert, "NONAMES"

Premiere date: May 12, 2011

Inspired by true events, NONAMES follows Kevin and his family of friends as they struggle within the confines of a small town. After his mother's death, Kevin decides to make a life for himself in his childhood home in spite of his father's decision to move. In the wake of tragedy, Kevin must end his extended adolescence or lose the things he holds most dear. Haunted by unsettled scores, it becomes clear that he must leave the town he loves in order to save himself from it. A new beginning is only a bus ride away.


Kathy Lindboe | Director/Writer/Producer

Kathy Lindboe is a New York based filmmaker debuting her first feature film, NONAMES, shot entirely on location in central Wisconsin. Born in Edina, MN and a native of Hudson, Wisconsin, her ties to the Midwest run deep. After studying theater and film at Minnesota's St. Cloud State University, she went on to hone her craft directing theater in Minneapolis, MN, directing twelve stage productions, including John Patrick Shanley's Beggars in the House of Plenty, Eric Bogosian's subUrbia and Martin Sherman's Bent. In addition she was the choreographer for the Phoenix Playhouse's production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and The Importance of Being Ernest. It was also in Minneapolis where the story of NONAMES first started to take shape. Eventually moving to New York to study film, Kate directed several short films as well as the Off-Broadway production of Charles Fuller's a Soldiers Play for the Diversity Players of Harlem. In the meantime, NONAMES started to gain momentum with workshops at The Illusion Theater in Minneapolis and at New York University¹s Graduate Acting Program.

She is currently inspired by the filmmaker Thomas McCarthy and photographer Robert Frank and all things small town including good oldtimer country music, star filled skies and long gravel roads. Kate is the writer, director and producer of NONAMES, currently residing in Brooklyn, New York. Endless thanks to her dad for letting her be free in telling this story about their family and her brother.

Robin Van Ert | Producer

Robin Van Ert was born and raised in Central Wisconsin. Her Midwest roots combined with her love of film and music, allowed for producing NONAMES to come naturally. Robin aspires to create simple, beautiful films with heart, in the vain of Thomas McCarthy's The Station Agent and The Visitor, as well as John Carney's Once. In 2004, she started her own business in the health and wellness industry and in 2007 she co-founded the production company, jotti films. Robin currently has three films in development.

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