Justin Daering, "Francesca"

Justin Daering, "Francesca"

Premiere date: Apr 01, 2011

When a female cop rescues a young teenage girl who had been abducted, she finds herself unexpectedly charged with caring for this girl (who hasn’t spoken since she was freed). Francesca — Frankie — is already in hot water for making a minor drug bust without calling for backup, so it’s hard to know if this new assignment is a privilege or a punishment. Her tough shell is due for some cracking, partly through taking the young girl under her wing, partly through maybe for once going on a date instead of working late. The smug slimeball who had kidnapped the girl is locked up, but it’s going to take a solid case to keep him that way, and he’s looking to get out and get revenge. Filmed in the Madison area with a cast and crew of Wisconsin natives, Francesca is a crackling crime story with a robust, flawed heroine, a tough-talking police captain, and a vulnerable victim.


Justin Daering | Director/Writer

Justin Daering started Naturalfilms in Wisconsin in 2002. It has created a dozen films, including "The Shadow of the Night," which featured Randy Wayne and Darren Burrows and was selected for screening at film festivals across the country including the Wisconsin Film Festival, the Terror Film Festival in Philadelphia, the LA Screamfest and two other California film festivals. Other films written and directed by Justin Daering for Naturalfilms include "Madison Nocturne" and "The Briefcase." Justin Daering worked in Wisconsin as a production assistant on the set of Michael Mann's "Public Enemies," which starred Johnny Depp and Christian Bale. Daering also served as second assistant director for Syene Road Productions during the making of "Baraboo," a Mary Sweeney Film, and as director of photography for "Dark Ways," which was shot using the RED camera. Justin Daering re-located Naturalfilms to Los Angeles in 2010, where he worked as an EPK Assistant for "Luck," an HBO drama starring Dustin Hoffman. He also worked as a creative intern with Endgame Entertainment, the company behind "Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle," "I’m Not There," and the Oscar-winning "Hotel Rwanda." Daering is currently editing "Paper Dreams," a documentary about Somalian pirates directed by Marshall Tyler and featuring Pras Michel from the Fugees. Daering studied film at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, graduating with High Honors and receiving the Charline M. Wackman Award and the Nietzchka Keene Memorial Scholarship. He also worked as an intern with John Roach Projects in Madison, and served as the Media Coordinator for the university's Communication Arts Department.

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