Josh Rosenberg & Scott Foley, "Tracks"

Josh Rosenberg & Scott Foley, "Tracks"

Premiere date: Jun 30, 2011

Claire and Catherine (Cat) are two high school students who like many seem to always be looking for something - Claire for a way out of her old life and Cat for a way into something new. Claire's family life definitely leaves something to be desired; her mother believes the pieces are all there, but they just won't fit together no matter how hard she tries to force them.

This leaves Claire wandering amidst a world of happy faces looking for a connection. Cat's family seems to be perfect. But this outward appearance cannot completely mask the cracks that are beginning to surface. The two girls meet and seem to perfectly complement each other - Claire the free-spirited senior mentor to the innocent younger Cat.

During an emotionally trying two-weeks the girls build a friendship that could last forever, but forces outside their control intervene. Cat and Claire are desperate to stay together, but are they willing to pay the price?


Josh Rosenberg | Writer

Josh Rosenberg graduated from the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee in 2006. He spent summer 2006 working directly with filmmaker Niels Mueller in Los Angeles. In just 3 weeks he wrote the screenplay for the feature film Tracks. Tracks won the Wisconsin's Own Jury Prize at 2009 Wisconsin Film Festival. Tracks has also shown at the Kansas Int'l Film Festival as well as the Green Bay Film Festival - where it won Best Actor for Rebecca Phillips.


Scott Foley | Director

Scott Foley currently teaches Film Production at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee where he received his MFA. He has been screening and receiving awards for his short films both locally and nationally since 2002. In 2005, he was awarded First Place at the Athens International Film Festival, and Best Cinematography at the Wisconsin Film Festival for his documentary, To Say Goodbye.

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