Jason Gullickson and Matthew M. Cribben, "Breakdown"

Jason Gullickson and Matthew M. Cribben, "Breakdown"

Premiere date: Nov 18, 2008

In 1989 the idea of a band was planted in the minds of three friends. Three years later, this idea became a reality with the addition of new friends and band members. But when you are a teenager, it's hard to have your creativity taken seriously. With nowhere to play and no scene to be a part of, what do you do? You build one yourself. With little more than naiveté and boundless enthusiasm, the band sets out to build a music scene out of backyards, garages and rented town halls. In a year’s' time, the band has established itself as a creative hub, drawing in more and more musicians, artists and aficionados into the fold and providing an outlet for the collective creative energies of the underage youth of the area. Once they had accomplished this task, unimagineable years before, where did they go from here? In the case of Foggy Mountain Breakdown, the answer is nowhere. However while the band disappeared into the void as so many independent artists do, the spirit and character lives on through the individual members, their future accomplishments and the many lives who's trajectories may have been changed through the experience. "Breakdown" is the story of a band that never made it out of the incubator but in the process created an environment where others were inspired to take the chance of doing something creative themselves as well as the encouragement needed to do what many people consider impossible. The film "Breakdown" intends to extend this idea to a wider audience than the ones who lived the story, and provide another generation of musicians, artists and creative thinkers with the knowledge that even though you may not achieve financial success in any single creative venture that it is the attempt, not the result that is the true reward.


Matthew M. Cribben | Producer/Director/Writer

With an interest in film from an early age, Matthew M. Cribben began his professional film career at 31 with the release of the short film "Airbags" in 2005 and the formation of the production company "the second society" (2SOC) with partner Jason J. Gullickson.

From 2005-2006 Matt wrote, directed and edited "Breakdown", his first feature and documentary film.  "Breakdown" enjoyed a six-month theatrical release, took the "Best of Edgerton" award at the Edgerton Book and Film Festival and screened at the prestigious Beloit International Film Festival.

A series of short dramatic films followed in which Matt demonstrated proficiency in writing, directing and editing.  His most recent (and ambitious) project is a second feature documentary as well as developing several dramatic screenplays for future feature productions.

Airbags (2005) - Director
The Knife (2006) - Writer, Director
Breakdown (2006) - Director
No One's Home (2007) - Director
The Mark (2007) - Writer, Director


Jason Gullickson | Producer

Jason J. Gullickson produced his first film, "The Search for Plot", in 1988 however his professional film career began in 2005 with the release of the short film "Airbags" and the formation of his production company "the second society" (2SOC) with partner Matthew M. Cribben.

In 2006 Jason produced the award-winning feature documentary "Breakdown" as well as several dramatic short films which received audience recognition and acclaim.  In addition to producing duties on these films, Jason has demonstrated proficiency in story development, cinematography and score and sound design.

Jason's most ambitious project to date, "Slimey" began production in 2007 and is expected to be released in 2009.  Jason is also working on securing funds and other pre-production tasks for an unnamed dramatic feature expected to begin production in 2009.

Airbags (2005) - Writer, Producer
The Knife (2006) - Producer
Breakdown (2006) - Producer
No One's Home (2006) - Cinematographer
The Mark (2007) - Producer

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