James Bett Jr. and William Zenobia, "Into The Pit"

James Bett Jr. and William Zenobia, "Into The Pit"

Premiere date: Jul 15, 2010

This isn't your average preachy/political-slant style documentary but instead it focuses on friendship, dreams, the gory bliss of great horror movies, growing up and the sweet escape back to childhood.

"Into The Pit: The Shocking Story of Deadpit.Com" is a rich story of friendship, diverging dreams, blatant escapism and childhood nostalgia set against a high contrast rural backdrop.

"Into The Pit" tells the story of Wes Vance and Aaron Frye, two seemingly unremarkable Kentuckians who have lived in the small town of Prestonsburg their entire lives. They live in a world where family, coal, bluegrass, hunting and church are the pillars of life itself. For a couple of guys whose main interests in life are horror films, professional wrestling and heavy metal, staving off boredom meant taking some serious and inventive measures. They needed an outlet and in 2005 they found one creating an Internet-based "Horror Talk Radio" show called Deadpit.com. Forming a pair of wacky alter egos by the names of "Uncle Bill" (Aaron) and "The Creepy Kentuckian" (Wes), the duo host a weekly MP3 show that features the latest horror news, film reviews and in-depth interviews with a roster of horror royalty: John Carpenter, Joe Dante and George A. Romero, among many others.

In the film, Wes focuses on Deadpit full-time, juggling duties on the site while freelancing as a Web master. Simply put, he is the "Creepy Kentuckian," a fun-loving guy whose passion for horror and humor is apparent in everything he does. The show's other host, Aaron, is part "Uncle Bill" and part graduate student pursuing a certification in mental health counseling. To help relieve the stress of this pursuit, Aaron becomes "Uncle Bill." Under this pseudonym, Aaron lets loose becoming as lewd and crude as he wants, obsessing over the gory details of horror movies and commenting with charisma and humor matched only by his co-host.

As the show grows in popularity, Aaron gets closer to gaining his degree. He begins to feel the tension between his two personas as an outrageous horror show host by night and a professional counselor by day. Adding to the stress is an ambivalent Wes who sees the show as top priority and offers little empathy. Aaron finds himself in an ethical, professional and internal quandary. The question becomes unavoidable: when or if Aaron will put away his scarier passions in the pursuit of more altruistic endeavors? The future of Deadpit.com is uncertain.


James Bett Jr. | Producer

Jim Bett Jr. has been a rabid horror fan as long as he can remember. As a special effects makeup designer, Jim has worked on many independent film projects in the Chicago-Milwaukee markets such as "Peek A Boo," "Serial: Amoral Uprising," and "The Spade County Massacre." He also has provided special effects makeup and co-directed music videos for such acts as 2-West and R.A. the Rugged Man. Jim can be found regularly at the largest horror conventions around the country as he is personal friends with many of today's horror celebrities, a fact that was very helpful with his producing duties on "Into The Pit." Among his many duties on the film, Jim was responsible for all the celebrity interviews that appear from John Landis to Uwe Boll. He also was a second camera operator as well as being responsible for location sound recording.

William Zenobia | Executive Producer

William Zenobia is an accomplished actor as well as president of Will-Zen Film Investments. His love of films and acting has lead him to be a driving force behind the growing film industry in his home state of Wisconsin. Bill was co-founder of the It Came From Lake Michigan Film Festival, which was the largest independent genre film festival in Wisconsin and is well known for freely lending his knowledge, advice and talents to many up and coming Wisconsin film directors. Being a man of faith and family, Bill was initially reluctant about producing a "horror" documentary. Yet, with an open mind, he researched "Deadpit.Com," and realized that the story of Wes and Aaron was one that deserved to be told.

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