Ivo Stainoff, "Alligator on the Zipper"

Ivo Stainoff, "Alligator on the Zipper"

Premiere date: Jun 09, 2011

Women truck drivers aren't usually thought of as American folk heroes, yet the seven women portrayed in the documentary film Alligator on the Zipper evoke the qualities of modern day cowboys. Courageous, tough and with a fierce love of freedom, they heed the call of the road that speaks to their independent spirit.

One such driver is Patsy Van Flateren, a Belgian immigrant whose drive to succeed and overcome an abusive past has propelled her to build a successful flatbed trucking business. Another tale from the road features Jackie Wheeler, a former actress whose dream is to appear on Oprah to tell her story of how she rose from being a trucker to a millionaire by inventing a lifesaving device for drivers. The stories of these women and five others give us a candid look into the rarely viewed lifestyle of women truckers. The open highways of America are where these independent women reinvent and transform themselves and reach for their dreams.

Just as an "alligator on the zipper" refers to a blown out tire in the middle of the highway, it also references the omnipresent danger that comes from hauling their rigs long distances. The freedom of the road is empowering yet it also brings risks.


Ivo Stainoff | Director

Growing up surrounded by gypsies in his native Bulgaria, Ivo has always been attracted to people whose spirit leads them to live a nomadic lifestyle. Alligator on the Zipper is his first credit as a director. He previously served as the cinematographer on the film Nomadic Museum and has extensive experience working as a photographer who specializes in alternative techniques.

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