Greg Glienna - "Desperation Boulevard"

Greg Glienna - "Desperation Boulevard"

Premiere date: Apr 11, 2014

In this off-the-wall comedy, Joan Sweeney (Judy Tenuta) is an actress who unfortunately hit the peak of her career at the age of eight. As a child performer, she was the star of a successful television series, but as a grown-up, she can't get work to save her life. Tired of dressing up as a child for personal appearances, Joan has decided she needs publicity to put her career back on track, and she's thoroughly convinced there's no such thing as bad press. Consequently, Joan poses as a homeless person, knocks over a convenience store, and even openly declares herself as lesbian in the interest of greater press coverage, all with no luck. Fate appears to be smiling on her, but at just the wrong time, when Joan finally gets offered a role that could kick start her career just as she discovers she's pregnant. Desperation Boulevard also stars Michael Lerner and Weird Al Yankovic; one-time TV stars Erin Moran, Burt Ward, and Ken Osmond also appear in cameo roles.


Greg Glienna | Director/Writer

Greg Glienna hails from Chicago, Illinois. He was very active in the Drama dept. of High School and attended Columbia College in Chicago, where he studied film. It was while there he began filming the feature length, original version of Meet the Parents. It played in Chicago and eventually some art houses around the US and London, where it received a very positive response. It was eventually seen by director Steven Soderburgh who brought it to the attention of Universal, where it was remade into a big budget success. Greg dropped out of film school to pursue stand up comedy in the 1990s, where he served as the opening act for such artists as David Copperfield, Tim Allen, Connie Francis, Emo Philips and the Marshall Tucker Band. His other films as writer/director are Desperation Blvd and Relative Strangers. He also wrote the original scripts for A Guy Thing and Dreamgirl, which was sold to Warner Bros. and has not been made yet. His play, Suffer the Long Night will have its Los Angeles premiere August 8, 2008 at the Meta Theater. Greg is also an accomplished singer/songwriter/pianist and performs regularly in the Chicago and Los Angeles area.

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