Frank X. Sommers & Frank Caruso, "Going Great White"

Frank X. Sommers & Frank Caruso, "Going Great White"

Premiere date: Dec 10, 2008

Suppose the funniest movie of the year didn't come from Hollywood. Suppose it came out of the middle of nowhere. Or maybe the middle of Wisconsin. Two filmmakers, Frank G. Caruso and Frank X. Sommers, with nothing more then a shoestring budget and tearing a page out of the Christopher Guest book of comedy, have crafted a deft satire of the American Dream, skewering everything from homeschooling to fitness programs to the funeral industry along the way. Going Great White is a zany journey into the desperate world of pyramid sales schemes. It's "Best In Show" meets Amway.


Frank X. Sommers | Writer/Director/Editor

Frank X. Sommers has been a writer/producer in several different mediums, including theater, music and television. His musical theater adaptation of the Miramax movie "The Englishman Who went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain" was showcased in the Disney/ASCAP workshop program in New York. He's produced and directed video in the corporate world for such brands as Miller Brewing, CUNA Mutual and the University of Wisconsin.


Frank Caruso | Writer/Director/Editor

Frank G. Caruso has worked in cable television for nearly a decade, both as an on-air personality and writer/producer/director of such programs as "Along the Way," "Creative Kids" and "The O Show." He is working on his first novel and has developed several screenplays for both television and film.

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