Frank Anderson and Barry Poltermann, "The Life of Reilly"

Frank Anderson and Barry Poltermann, "The Life of Reilly"

Premiere date: Nov 18, 2008

If, in 1940, you had a lobotomized aunt, an institutionalized father, a racist mother, and you were the only gay kid on the block, what do you think the odds would be that you'd end up a Tony winner, a staple of television, and a generational icon?

Enter "The Life of Reilly." The cliché goes that truth is stranger than fiction. In this case, it is also funnier and more heartbreaking. Charles Nelson Reilly, famous for his game show innuendos and "X Files" guest appearances, takes us through his bizarre, star-studded, tragic, hilarious, and ultimately amazing life with a potent blend of tenderness and quick one-liners. "The Life of Reilly" is an adaptation of Mr. Reilly's acclaimed one-man show and was photographed for the screen during Mr. Reilly's final two performances of his play in North Hollywood, CA.


Frank Anderson | Director/Music/Animation

Frank Anderson has directed award-winning animation, music videos, and broadcast commercials for clients including the US Army, Coca Cola and Anheuser Busch. Anderson began making short films and animations while growing up in the Philippines. Anderson began his professional career as an animator in San Francisco in the 1980s working with such studios as Colossal Pictures, The Ink Hut and Animation Au Go-Go. In the late 80s, Anderson began animating for Tricky Pictures, the animation arm of Backyard Productions, and shooting live action music videos and television commercials for Los Angeles based B-10 Commerce.

Most recently Anderson worked as the Visual Director and cinematographer on Peter Buffet's acclaimed multi-media stage production of "Spirit: The Seventh Fire," which is currently touring the US. His work appears regularly on Turner Classic Movies, Lifetime, PBS and MTV. Anderson studied Japanese Literature at San Francisco State University.


Barry Poltermann | Director/Editor

In addition to directing and editing "The Life of Reilly," Barry Poltermann edited the Sundance 1999 Grand Jury prize winner "American Movie" and 2007's Sundance Special Jury Prize winner "The Pool." In 2006 he served as an executive producer of the feature documentary "Rock the Bells" which chronicled the behind-the-scenes struggle to put together the final performance of the original members of the Wu-Than Clan. His first film as a director and editor was 1994 Sundance selection "Aswang."

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