Erik Gunneson, "Milk Punch"

Erik Gunneson, "Milk Punch"

Premiere date: Apr 08, 2008

"Milk Punch" follows a couple of aimless young punks, Boot and Curly, who decide one hot day to steal a mint 1972 Delta '88. On a long joy ride with unemployed Verona, they initially elude the owners of the vehicle, who are seeking retribution.


Erik Gunneson | Director

Erik Gunnerson received a B.A., Communication Arts, University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1989. His primary interest is in film and video production. Erik is an active filmmaker; his latest film is "Milk Punch," a low budget 16mm feature film. He has participated in just about every type of film production there is: independent films, music videos, documentaries, experimental films, commercials and Hollywood feature films. Erik's early films were experimental documentaries, and he is now interested in low budget independent filmmaking. Erik is currently working on a script for "Hardwood, Hardcore," a period film set in 1983 that explores the worlds of hardwood floor sanding and hardcore punk rock.

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