Eric J. Nelson, "Fishin' for Tradition"

Eric J. Nelson, "Fishin' for Tradition"

Premiere date: Jun 13, 2009

The joy of lutefisk, the Norwegian cod treat preserved with caustic soda, is captured here, through interviews with dozens of diners at Sons of Norway lodges, church suppers, and other gatherings. Madison, Minn., is the lutefisk capital of the United States (the mayor says that no one else was challenging for that title so they just took it), which holds a lutefisk-eating contest each year. You know you're in the heart of the Lutheran Upper Midwest when squeezable bottles of "I Can't Believe It’s Not Butter" are the official condiment.


Eric J. Nelson | Director/Cinematographer

Eric J. Nelson is an independent filmmaker based in Madison, WI and Chicago, IL.

Since graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in History/Zoology/Com Arts, he has spent many years working as a cinematographer and gaffer on productions both small and large alike; from feature films and commercial spots, to documentaries, industrials and live events.

Mr. Nelson operates a lighting services company, Pod Nine Lighting and Grip, with frequent creative partners, Kipp & K.C. Norman. He also plays and records music with the experimental Americana band, Vibrationland, on the Bubonic Records label.

Mr. Nelson lives with his producer/wife, Kristin Larson, and their two lovely co-productions, son Arthur and daughter Ruth.

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