Dao Chang and Jenny Plevin, "My Way Home"

Dao Chang and Jenny Plevin, "My Way Home"

Premiere date: May 13, 2010

"My Way Home" is a 60-minute film about a Hmong woman (also a UWM film student) who goes back to Laos to meet her aunt and other family members that did not flee to Thailand or the U.S.


Dao Chang | Co-Director

Twenty-two year-old Chang is Hmong and from Two Rivers. She says she doesn't see a lot of movies because she is picky about what she watches. Some of her favorites are "A Bug's Life," "A Beautiful Mind" and "The Curse of the Golden Flower." Chang says that doc/UWM has been a wonderful experience. She is currently part of a team working on the Hmong project. She loves sharing her culture with others who will listen and says that one of the best parts of about working with doc/UWM is that she learns something every day.


Jenny Plevin | docUWM Project Director

Plevin says she enjoys being the project director of doc/UWM because she gets to anything and everything from producing, teaching, filming, editing, organizing, reviewing, coordinating, guiding, keeping track of details, pushing paperwork and pushing forward. She graduated from the UWM Film Department with a BFA and used her experiences working with UWM's Community Media Project to continue teaching and coordinating youth workshops in a variety of media including film and video, audio production, and visual arts and dance. She has worked on projects for "StoryCorps," "Discovery in Progress," Poetry Everywhere," "Two Walks," "Chosen Towns" and "Finding Home."

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