Dan Lamoureux - "Nerdcore for Life"

Dan Lamoureux - "Nerdcore for Life"

Premiere date: Jul 20, 2012

Have mainstream rap themes never really spoken to you? Try instead the rap song “Ahab” about Moby Dick by MC Lars: “Let it be a lesson, revenge is never sweet/So I stomp my peg to this Supergrass beat!” Or perhaps intimidating computer-science speak in “Kill Dash 9” by Monzy, “I’ll take your process off the run queue without even asking/Cause my flow is like reentrant and preemptive multitasking.” This is Nerdcore. The geeks will be silenced no more. With an innate ability at sound editing and an acute knowledge of the Internet, they have been able to create and disseminate their work at a rampant pace. Lamoureux profiles dozens of established and up-and-coming Nerdcore artists by blending live show footage, videos, and interviews with Optimus Rhyme, MC Router, and Beefy, as well as Nerdcore pioneers YTCracker, MC Chris (known by many as MC Pee Pants from Aqua Teen Hunger Force) and MC Hawking (who raps using a voice simulator program that sounds like Steven Hawking).


Dan Lamoureux| Dan Lamoureux is a native of the south suburbs of Chicago and has been writing, producing and directing his own films since long before all the cool kids started doing it.  Dan received a Media Fellowship from Saint Xavier University and completed his BA as well as his first feature length project in the spring of 2002.  In 2003 he founded the inexplicably-named production company Crapbot Productions.

Over the years Dan has had his work screen in film festivals all across the US, has acted in and crewed for countless independent film projects, and has won a number of high-profile film and video competitions.  He has also had his work viewed by millions of people online and has provided web content for companies such as Harley Davidson and Coors Light.

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